My morning routine is pretty simple. Wake up, check my phone, let the cat in to feed her (she runs the early morning hours around 4 am until sunrise), make some coffee and tea, and then set all my plants on the windowsill for their morning sun session. I love inspecting them, seeing new growth, and learning the rhythm of how much water mint needs compared to oregano and so on.

The avocado tree seems to grow in size every day! I have named her Sarah so all day I am talking to her, "you are getting so big Sarah" "look how strong your leaves are and Sarah you are so gorgeous" "just keep growing Sarah". A little self-love thrown in for good measure has never hurt anyone :)

There's a new starter added to the crew, Italian parsley. I've noticed A LOT of the herbs I get in my Pacific Northwest Fresh Boxes propagate really well. The lavender clippings aren't rooting yet but I do see new green growth on them. I have a goal of using more green onion in my dishes because they really seem to thrive when you cut them down often. My mint is exploding, the oregano is getting really hearty, and the basil has the most insane roots. Not sure if I should continue to have it in water or plant it in an indoor pot before moving it outside in a few months. What would you do?

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I'm still working to get those stupid bright green weeds out of the front garden and yesterday I discovered my rose transplant experiment I did last year with the potato cutting and honey came up as a bust. I decided to remove the little greenhouse I made for it to do a proper inspection and what I thought was growth was not. It was shockingly easy to pull them right out of the dirt. Nothing happened but that's ok. Moving on to new adventures for sure.

I will anxiously wait to see if the sunflower seeds I planted last fall will begin growing soon, the peonies are peaking up in two different areas, still waiting to see evidence of the other two that were planted and it's just prepping and making sure to water my starters these days. How does your garden grow?

Garden Windows and a Garden Cat

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