Searching for sweets is something I take very seriously. It's not just about variety, I'm interested in the tease! The delicious posts that keep me thinking, "Man, I gotta go try this!" Hidden gems that you may or may not know about.

The hidden gem I share today is Viera's Bakery & Deli in Yakima! Rows of glass cases filled with traditional doughnuts, chocolate-dipped croissants and varieties I have never even heard of! All delicious, baked fresh daily and waiting to tempt you and did I mention she does cakes, too?

Every day it seems there is something new they are trying, i.e our Valley's favorite Cheese Zombies with tomato soup have made it on the menu along with nicely priced lunch specials. I was super excited when I realized they'd thrown in a cookie with my purchase -- I saved it to split with the honey and it was just perfection. If you haven't tried Viera's, I definitely recommend: 516 W. Lincoln Ave., Yakima.

This is my hidden gem. I'd love to know where YOUR favorite bakery is :)

Seriously sharing sweet finds is REALLY caring.

What's your favorite item to purchase at a bakery?

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