Earlier this year I was in St. Louis, Missouri. It was there I was introduced to something called Ski soda. Even when I saw it and especially after others were touting how good it was, I figured it was just going to be another Sprite or 7up. I was wrong. We need this in the Northwest.

How does it taste? Excellent! It's like, as if, Sprite was made using real lemons. Or kind of like if you mix 7up and Mountain Dew together but a more citrus flavor. It's really good.

And the name sells itself around here with how much skiing happens in our area.

I had one when I was there, then a friend of mine gifted me a 12-pack as you can see in the photo. Although these cans are all empty and recycled, the legend lives on.

Looking at this photo just reminds me how much I miss it already. I may have to just order some online, but it would be more convenient if we had this available in our stores in the Northwest.

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