Today I saw an announcement that they are releasing Pepsi Mango in stores.

Hold up, are they trying to keep up with Fanta? Wait, does Fanta even come in a mango flavor? I know Fanta comes in orange, strawberry, and pineapple flavors, but alas, not mango. I tell you, I just can't keep all these cold drinks straight. The other day I went into a gas station and accidentally grabbed a Creme Soda flavored drink instead of the Black Cherry that I wanted. Why do they make the bottle packaging look just alike! Rude. Sacurrity!


Anyway, I wondered how many other Washingtonites know about this new drink, and where exactly can we find Pepsi Mango around here in Yakima? Let me Google this!

I searched for Pepsi + Mango + Yakima and all I got was this:

Peps+Mango+Yakima Google
screenshot via

No, I was not looking for Mangoz Grill in Yakima, I was looking for where I can find a Mango Pepsi. It seems that Walmart has got it. Let me see how much the Walmarts are charging for this fruity carbonated beverage.

Pepsi Mango at Walmart

You can get the new Pepsi Mango anywhere from around $4 to $12. But did you notice it's not available yet? Dang, I was really looking forward to trying it out today.

Pepsi also created a Pepsi Mango Zero.

Pepsi Mango Zero

Let's see if any other local grocery stores have it in stock...
Nope, it's not available at Rosauers either. Fiesta Foods, Wray's Thriftway, and Safeway aren't carrying it either.

Oh well, guess we'll have to wait until the new Pepsi Mango hits the mainstream! (Will the masses think a Pepsi Mango tastes better than an orange Fanta? Inquiring minds wanna know!)

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