On Friday (May 12) The American Indian Business Leaders of Heritage University (or AIBL) presented the Wellness Through Laughter event. Local band Flying Buffalo provided live music, performing all original songs. There was also an open-mic comedy contest. People from the audience told some jokes. A few local comedians, including myself, told a few, too. Prizes were given out.

Then comedian and actor Tatanka Means performed his stand-up comedy act. This was Tatanka's first time in the area. We were very happy to have him on the Yakama Nation. Tatanka also appears on a TV show called The Son, with Pierce Brosnan. The Son airs on the AMC channel Saturday nights. So make sure to check it out. You can also see Tatanka with the Native American comedy group, 49 Laughs. Check out the videos and pictures from the event.



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