I was told by a little birdie in a salon a couple of months ago (plus it was in the paper) that Yakima was going to get a Pita Pit restaurant and a frozen yogurt shop, and that it was going to be right in the heart of downtown around Second Street -- the Lee Semon building at 121 E. Yakima Ave.

I was so excited that I couldn't contain myself! But I had been sworn to secrecy. Why, I don't know, because " target="_blank">the secret has been out for months!

My friend at the Yakima Herald, Mai Hoang, has the full scoop, as she always does. I know that if Mai says it's gonna happen, then it's definitely gonna happen! There's been a Pita Pit in Ellensburg for years; look out, Yakima, downtown is moving on up!

If you love pitas and frozen yogurt, then you'll have to wait until August for the grand opening. Until then, I'm dreaming of ... wait, I have never been inside of a Pita Pit. Let's see what they have on the menu.

They target themselves as a healthier option for fast food eating, and they offer meat pitas, veggie pitas and breakfast pitas, plus sides like salads and chips. They even do catering for parties and events.

It's such a welcoming place that you can even get a few friends together and do the Stanky Leg at the Pita Pit. Maybe I will get their permission and make my own video when they open!


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