Back in April my co-worker John Riggs wrote a blog about 'Pita Pit' opening in the Lee Semon Building near the corner of Yakima Ave and 2nd Street. Initially it was thought the eatery would be open by Mid-August. Then the Yakima Herald wrote an article at the end of August that said Pita Pit would be open sometime between Sept 15th and Oct 3rd.

Pita Pit is one of my favorite fast food restaurants but unlike most fast food it's super healthy. I usually get mine stuffed with double chicken, grilled onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and teriyaki sauce.

The last time I passed by the location where they were doing the build out was when the 3 on 3 hoops competition was held downtown and it didn't look close to opening. Now here we are nearly in mid-October and we're still waiting. I'M HUNGRY damn it!!!

I'm sure it's going to be soon but when?

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