My husband and I were so excited about moving into a place with a big backyard that included a gorgeous tree that I am sure had been there forever. We dreamed about building a treehouse in the middle of it and there was even a wooden ladder someone had attached at some point. I fantasized about using my yoga mat while working out underneath it and we loved to listen to the wind blow through the yard with the sounds of nature surrounding us. Watching the sunset in the gorgeous shade of this giant tree.

You don't think about big trees like this snapping like twigs but at some point, they reach the end of their life, and little did we know, just a few weeks into our rental of this place, that is exactly what was about to happen.

The night before we had family over. Our little nephew was playing in the exact spot that the giant limb fell. Crazy the timing of things.

We both weren't home but I was the one to take the phone call that it had just happened. Some neighbors caught the actual fall but everyone around felt the ground shake and I found out later that this isn't the first giant tree in the area to get taken out recently. It for sure got me thinking about how many people have giant trees and don't keep up with trimming them. They hang over houses, powerlines and can really cause major damage if you aren't paying attention or you totally are and stuff just happens.

Nature does what it wants and I was just super thankful that no one was injured. It did take out a portion of my neighbors garden. Totally squishing her blackberry bushes and making it pretty difficult to get to the apricot trees. It also fell across the canal so that was an experience, the day after we received multiple knocks on the door from neighbors and the crew in charge of the canal to make sure we knew who was going to take care of the mess.

Another something I never thought of as a homeowner (which we aren't just yet but at some point that is the goal)

The crew is now diligently taking apart the tree, limb by limb. The noise is legit and the ground shakes when bits of tree fall to the ground so that must have been an insane sound when it broke. Thank goodness we have an awesome landlord that's kept us in the loop as things progress, my hope is that you have the same thing when or if the time ever comes.

I suppose this is my PSA for those with giant trees in their yards, it's a good idea to make sure you keep up with the maintenance and it might seem pricey but imagine how much more it will cost you when you have to have the entire thing removed.

Beautiful Broken Tree

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