Cheese Zombies are to Yakima as Beer is to HOPS!

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Every now and then you might get a hankering for an outrageously delicious cheese zombie like me, and since Shorty's Sweets, Treats, and Cakes is permanently closed, I haven't been able to find a place that is as tasty as theirs. You should check out the video below to see how she makes this yummy Yakima cultural phenomenon. Meanwhile, I asked my Facebook friends for some recommendations and here are the seven spots in Yakima they told me to try. I recommend you try one at each of these locations and come back to let me know which version of this 90s school cafeteria craze you liked the best.

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Papa Bairds Restaurant
4108 Terrace Heights Drive

A big announcement went up on the Papa Baird's Facebook page announcing Cheese Zombie Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Big Girls Bakery
122 S 1st St

The cheese zombies at Big Girls Bakery are made with an outrageously thick bread that tastes freshly made. Add on their hearty tomato soup to make your taste buds explode.

Viera's Bakery
516 W Lincoln Ave

So far, Viera's Bakery has the best cheese zombies and tomato soup combo that I've tasted in Yakima (second only to Shorty's which is closed, as I lamented above). The breading is perfectly light and sweet yet salty at the same time. It's a party in your mouth, that is for sure. The cheese is not too thin or too thick, which besides the dough on a cheese zombie can make or break the taste of this treat.

Java Heaven
212 W Walnut Ave

I've seen the digital sign in front of Java Heaven that says they carry cheese zombies but I haven't had the chance to swing by and get one. They offer cheese zombies every day, all day until they close up shop at 4 p.m. I am going to go try one today!

Tree Top Store
220 E 2nd Ave, Selah

Okay, so it's not exactly located in Yakima, but Selah is almost literally a hop, skip, and a jump away. I've been told on high authority that the Tree Top Store and Visitor Center serves cheese zombies every Wednesday. I cannot wait to try one out and taste the outrageous goodness for myself!

Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.
12160 US-12, Naches

This place isn't in Yakima either, but the beer is so good we will claim them as our anyway! It's kind of a drive out to Bron Yr Aur but on Thursdays it will be worth your trip to get one of their cheese zombies. They serve it with a tomato herb beer bisque. OOH LA LA, they're FANCY!

Mike's Cheese Zombies

I am a bit irritated with Mike's Cheese Zombies because it's hard to get in touch with them. I wanna try one of their cheese zombies so badly! I left a voicemail and didn't hear anything back so I have no information to share other than I saw on their Facebook page that they serve cheese zombies with pre-orders and mobile delivery. Sometimes you might catch their cheese zombies in downtown Yakima for one of the Cruise Nights.

She started the Yakima Cheese Zombie menu item food craze first! Watch the video below of Linda Ramos, owner of the former Shorty's Sweets, Treats, and Cakes, show comedian Eric Schwartz just how she makes Cheese Zombies.

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