I'm pretty sure Jeff never thought the mail would take him out but this morning, it almost happened!

Jeff Myles is a postal worker who was driving a load of mail in a semi-truck to Oak Harbor this morning in the midst of a pretty wild wind storm.

I bet we all have had an experience where you're driving along and you feel your vehicle shake just a bit from a gust of wind. It feels pretty wild, a friendly reminder of just how powerful mother nature is, what happened to Jeff is SO much more than a reminder. To him, it was a reminder of every horror movie he's ever watched, except this time, he was the one starring in it!


While driving across Deception Pass the wind storm was fully engaged.

The wind was whipping so hard he wasn't able to open the door closest to the road and looking down, well all he could see was water.

I wasn't going to open THAT door," he said.

The winds at that time had been clocked reaching 65 mph, gathered from the nearby Naval Air Station, and it just kept pushing on the poor semi while Jeff was still inside.

So what did 60-year-old Jeff do? He climbed out of the passenger window!

"I'm standing on the ladder outside the truck and I'm thinking to myself, 'I've watched too many horror movies -- I'm going to jump off this truck and this truck is going to come back and fall on me,' so I jumped past the truck," Myles said. "I'm OK, just feeling a bit older -- a few more gray hairs."

Wow! Craziness at the same time he is trying to save his own life, a co-worker of his happened to come across the truck, Samantha said,

"Any time the wind would gust you could see the truck wobble over the side," she said. "It was probably the craziest thing I have ever seen."

In the end, Jeff was safe and the truck was removed after a few hours, not too damaged and all the mail still intact. Get this man a mail meddle. Do they make those? If not maybe there should be a yearly award named after Jeff!

Thank goodness he's ok but I HAVE to know, does anyone else have a crazy wind story?

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Deception Pass

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