Today’s the big day!
Yakima’s Huge Yard Sale is Happening at State Fair Park and all that is missing is YOU!
The Yakima Valley is home to several yard sales, every weekend, but this is the grand daddy of them all!

Walk through dozens of yard sales, all in one perfect location.

TODAY, Sunday, June 2nd, from 9 am to 3 pm, visit State Fair Park’s Huge Yard Sale, presented by T-Mobile, Yakima’s Leading 5G Network!

Visit the KFFM & T-Mobile booths for a great bonus! (More details on that below.)

man walking through a big yard sale

Worried about parking? Don't be! Parking is free (at gate #15)!

Admission is just $3 a person, $5 for a pair of tickets, and kids 13 and under get in free!

You never know what spectacular items will be up for sale! Joy or Junk? It's up to you!

parking lot with several booth tents
Courtesy of State Fair Park

State Fair Park’s HUGE Yard Sale presented by T-Mobile TODAY from 9 am to 3 pm!

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Remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

parking lot with several booth tents
Courtesy of State Fair Park

T-Mobile is Yakima's LARGEST 5G Network!

Be sure to swing by the T-Mobile Booth and learn how you can Save At T-Mobile!

Save money when you switch to T-Mobile and see if you qualify for home internet!

Best of all, swing by the KFFM booth and download the KFFM App you can enter to win a $200 Visa Gift Card courtesy of T-Mobile in our "KFFM Yard Sale Splurge" contest!

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Yakima's Huge Yard Sale 2022

Yakima's Huge Yard Sale was held on May 22nd and was attended by 100's of visitors and vendors. Take a look at our picture gallery to see what future sales may look like.

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

Items Worth Big Bucks at Garage and Yard Sales

Keep an eye out for these specific items as they could be worth lots of money.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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