There are burger lovers all over the world, so if you happen to come across the Yakima Valley on your travels, these 7 Yakima Valley Hamburger locations are sure to hit the spot.

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner the Hamburger is So Incredibly Versatile 

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1) A&B Native Cuisine in Toppenish, Washington

Pull up a chair and enjoy a chat with the owner while the chef whips up the juiciest burger topped with cheese and lettuce placed between the fluffiest fry bread! Unique and delicious with plenty more options including apple pie filling on fry bread that hits just right.

2) Majors Restaurant in Yakima, and Union Gap, Washington 

There are two locations to grab the Major Bacon Cheese Burger. It's juicy and larger than your average burger with grilled onions and it's delicious. Go wild and add some mushrooms, guacamole, and more cheese! The fry sauce is no joke and the hand-cut beer-battered fries are always golden brown and fried to perfection. In need of a shake or a scoop of ice cream? Loads of flavors and toppings

Via Majors Facebook Page
Via Majors Facebook Page

3) Burger Ranch in Selah, Union Gap, and Yakima, Washington

If you're searching for a simple cheeseburger that tastes great the bag of burgers will fill up even the hungriest crowd. They have a signature fry sauce and hand-cut crinkle fries that will have you wanting to stuff them inside the burger to dip all of it in fry sauce. Do it, it's delicious. Ask for extra sauce, it's worth it even if there's a charge. Addicting.

4) Waterfire Restaurant and Bar in Yakima, Washington

This spot is home to one of the most incredible hamburgers I have ever tasted. It's called The Carnivore and it's the type of burger that has you hooked from the very first bite. Will you be able to finish it? Check it American Wagyu, smoked brisket, bacon, double Cheddar, aioli and crispy onion straws on a toasted brioche bun. Sounds good right? It's better and the drinks are top-notch too.

5) Waterfire Restaurant and Bar in Yakima, Washington

What! Again? Yes! The menu is always changing at Waterfire and right now they have another must-try burger, larger and packed with even more incredible toppings. It's called the Smoked XXL and features two Wagyu patties, 4-oz. smoked brisket, 4 pieces smoked bacon, 4 pieces cheddar, garlic aioli, caramelized onions, truffle mushroom ragout, and a fried egg, garnished with a fried jalapeño. Wow! Wow! Wow!

6) The Chophouse at The Old Warehouse in Zillah, Washington 

This is a destination for sure! Come for a Guinness Mushroom Burger, like the beer? Yes, a Guinness reduction actually with grilled mushrooms onions, and house mayo. Does Guinness pair with cajun fries? There is only one way to find out. While you're there you can head over to the auction, full of beautiful pieces of furniture.

7) Stop and Go in Yakima, Washington 

The everyday specials of this family-run burger spot are five sizzling burger options deep with the Texas Cheeseburger or Texas Hamcheese burger and more to choose from. Want a treat? They also feature baby-size and up shakes, cones, malts, and floats!

Honorable Mentions

Lariat Bar-B-Q in Yakima, Washington

Ron's Tacos and Burgers

McGuire's Irish Pub and Restaurant in Yakima, Washington

Famous Burger & Teriyaki Sandwich in Yakima, Washington and Wapato, Washington

Pepp'rmint Stick Drive-In in Union Gap, Washington

Burgers Across the Yakima Valley

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