If you haven't heard the deliciously prepped words, Yakima Valley Restaurant Week, I am here to spread the foodies love far and wide. Want to help me?

The Yakima Valley is known for its hops, wine, apples, and gorgeous rolling views. We are also becoming known for fantastic local restaurants with unique menus and incredible eats.

A few years ago Restaurant Week was created by local lovers of food and has since turned into a yearly celebration of everything culinary, put together by volunteers and attended by all. It's the perfect chance to try something new as the menus have a few guidelines to stick to.

They've been asked to provide specials, perhaps not on the menu normally, and different price points ranging from $15 for lunch, $25, or $35 for dinner. It could include multiple courses or a drink, chips, and sandwich depending on where you choose but it all will be the best that place has to offer. They get to showcase their food and you reap all the benefits.

Normally this is a one-week celebration but this year it's actually going to be Restaurant Weeks. Due to the pandemic, last year never really happened so this year it began on Saturday, April 3rd, and will run through Saturday, April 17th.

Today Mom and I are heading over to try JJ's Birria and Antojitos in Wapato and I am SO excited. Tacos are my jam and I hear the menu is out of this World. Which place are you most interested in trying?

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