There are many hidden secrets of the Yakima Valley locked up within the annals of locals' minds.

The first secret that only people from here know is how to pronounce the names of certain cities. You learn about those right away when you move here or when you visit. For example, you will learn how to say the town name, Naches (natt-cheese) or Yakima "Yakkem-muh".

Here are some other secrets you will unlock:

Lateral A is the worst street in the county. There are so many dreadful and tragic accidents happening on Lateral A that whenever I drive out to Wapato or Toppenish, I take a deep breath and I don't even breathe until I safely pass the intersection.

Ms. Deez is only open so many hours. There's only a handful of places you can get barbecue in the Valley and only ONE where you can get some homemade and spicy jambalaya, and that place is by far is Mz. Dee's shop on W. Yakima Ave. It is not open every day, so you have to call ahead or say a quick prayer that it's open when you need it to be.

Majors for your beer-battered fries fix. Only locals know of the rivalry between Major's Burgers and Miner's Burgers. I guess the two owners used to be best buds at one point until they started battling it out for the best burger joint in town. Major's wins hands down for beer-battered fries. They are as long as your hand!

There's a Skippers in the gas station on the corner intersection of Summitview Ave and W. Yakima Ave. This is a blessing, especially since all the other places that serve fish 'n chips have closed up shop (unless you count Artic Circle on W. Nob Hill).

There's some bomb Indian food inside the Rocky Mart gas station on W. Nob Hill. The butter chicken is the bawm dot com!

There's a secret room inside a winery in Prosser hidden behind a bookcase! I'll never tell which winery it is!

There are more secrets I don't know about, so spill the tea!

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