Meraki Creations has partnered with our local breweries, The Salvation Army, and Restaurant Week of Yakima to form the 1st Annual Brewery Food Drive Competition!!! - Angie Devora

Bale Breaker
Photo: Michele Riggs

If you love supporting local, giving back to the community, and drinking well then this is for you! Mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 1st - Sunday, December 20th, 2020 to take-on at the very least seven local breweries for a great cause, the Salvation Army.

Remember Angie from Meraki Creations?

This lady is not only serving up delicacies but she's constantly creating so be on the look-out for even more Meraki Creations Community Events popping up across the Yakima Valley, in honor of her Grandfather.

Merakis coming soon
Nayssa DeVora Davis

For her first event, Angie wants to make sure to thank the incredible, Greg from Advanced Digital Imaging for supplying banners at each location, Mike Hummel and the Ulman brothers, who help put together Restaurant Week, for a very special competition. Here's how it works.

Each location will have a receptacle box on site to collect 3 non-perishable food items. In return the customer will get a dollar or two off their first beer. All donations are going to the salvation army to help feed our community. Bragging rights to the brewery who gets the most in. - Mike Hummel

Currently, there are seven different breweries involved but this could get updated as more join. Contact Angie if you are interested in competing and listen in this afternoon as Mike Hummel will be joining us with more details.

Courtesy:Single Hill Brewing
Courtesy: Single Hill Brewing

Here's the current list of participants (don't they make you thirsty?)

  • Valley Brewing
  • Hop Capital
  • Single Hill Brewing
  • Wondering Hop
  • Bale Breaker
  • Cowiche Creek
  • Tieton Cider Works
Tieton Cider Works / John Riggs
Tieton Cider Works / John Riggs

To enjoy all seven breweries that's only 21 non-perishable items and if you have a favorite brewery that you're pushing for, hook 'em up with even more. This is a friendly competition, a delicious competition and as I write this, I am getting very excited to test out the different locations.

Cheers and may the best brewery win!

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