Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale is back and going down this Saturday (May 12) in the Perry Tech parking lot! This will be my first year experiencing it, and I'm not gonna lie: I'm really excited for it!

So in honor of Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale I've put together the top Seven Tips to prep you for the BIG DAY!

1) Comfy Shoes - The perfect dance sequence could help secure a sweet item you were eyeing and proper shoes are key to that. Protect your feet while you hit the pavement and your tootsies will for sure thank you for it later.

2) Check That Weather - Wearing the right gear is super important to a successful yard sale. There's nothing like showing up with too many layers on or forgetting your sunglasses and hat!

3) Bring The Cash - When it's time to buy all you're going to hear is, "show me the money" so make sure to have small bills on hand $1's, $5's and $10's to wheel and deal to your hearts content without arriving at the end of the day trying to buy a $1 item with a $20

4) Have A Game Plan - Are you searching for specific items or WANT to barter with people!? Maybe you have NO desire to barter but have a friend who LOVES it. Bring em! The more the merrier

5) The Early Bird Gets The Best Stuff -  This is NOT one of those times to hit snooze. The most popular items are usually the first to go so don't miss out by arriving in the afternoon.....I mean at that point you might as wait until the end and try to get the deals while people are shutting down.

6) Come Prepared For Purchases - Bring a reusable tote or even a backpack with some loose newspaper to wrap delicate items and pat yourself on the back for thinking ahead while your arms are free to check out more cool stuff!

7) Try It Before You Buy It - Don't get hosed by checking an item getting home and discovering a missing piece or who knows what. Sales are final so don't get caught up in the game.

Most importantly have a ton of fun and fingers crossed you find something sweet! If you have a tip or a wild find I would LOVE to know about it :)

Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale is going down Saturday with $3 admission OR $2 and a non-perishable can of food that will be donated to Northwest Harvest. Brought to you by 1073KFFM, Perry Tech and The Salvation Army Thrift Store. Purchase your own booth for only $45, limited amount available. Contact 509-972-3461

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