Yakima’s Biggest Yard Sale

Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale Was a HUGE Success!
Hopefully this weekend you got to witness (and walk away) with awesome stuff at Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale! Gates opened at 8 a.m. in the Perry Technical Institute parking lot and seriously, until 2 p.m. we had people pouring in! We were able to raise a record-breaking 1,361 pounds of canned go…
If Yard Sales Are Your Zen, Enjoy These Haikus
Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale is happening a week from Saturday. If that sounds like your kind of happy place -- dare I say zen place -- then maybe you'll enjoy these haikus about rummage sales courtesy of the contributors at BadHaiku.com!
Food, Glorious Food
This past weekend, Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale saw one of the biggest crowds we've ever seen! A food donation to Northwest Harvest grants you a discount to get in and Yakima's generosity didn't disappoint.
Northwest Harvest called to say that 1,147 pounds of food was collected...
Going Video Game Hunting at Yakima’s Biggest Yard Sale [VIDEO]
I wouldn't call myself a collector, but I do love classic video games and pick them up if they're for a good price whenever I can. It's like I'm rescuing them from an uncertain demise so I can keep them for myself or pass them along to a video game collector to help build their collection. I usually…

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