I don't know about you, but I've already begun to discuss holiday dinner menu details with my family and friends who will be socially-distanced-yet-congregating for the holiday season. Not everyone will be able to gather around the table at once, so there will be a couple of meals served over the course of the next month.

Already having tested out my smoker for how to best smoke a turkey, salmon, and beef which we'll be serving, I'm turning my sights on side dishes and desserts. Here, I'd like to seek your input when it comes to that most-important of festive deserts: Pie.

Astrid Stawiarz

I know, I know, your mom, your grandma, your aunt made the absolute best pie. That's of course, what everyone says and I think it can be true for all of us. It's what we're used to, what we grew up with and in my case and perhaps yours, it's the memory of our family Matriarch of Baked Goods, who is no longer with us.

My Mother, who has been missing from our holiday table for seven years now, made awesome pie and one of the reasons was that she made terrific crust. I think that's the key and what often people get wrong. Frankly, anyone can open a can of pie filling - it's the crust that makes it special.

What is your favorite?

Apple Pie

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Hey, growing up in Wenatchee and living in Yakima for 25 years, we're in Apple Pie Country. Again, the crust is key - but many options with filling - from a variety of apples to sweetness, tartness, and zip of cinnamon.

Cherry Pie

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This is my wife's favorite, so we'll always serve Cherry Pie, and it doesn't hurt that the Father of our Country, George Washington, was partial to it as well. I hear it stains your wooden teeth, however.

Pumpkin Pie

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In my book, you have to have Pumpkin Pie on hand for Thanksgiving.

Shepard's Pie

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Hold on a second, this isn't dessert, but it's certainly a delicious pie. Whether beef or lamb, you can't go wrong, but this might be best as comfort food in between the holiday meals.

Ethan Miller

Just thinking about all of this, I've gained 4 pounds.

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