November is here and so it begins, it's full-speed-ahead into winter in the Pacific Northwest. Whether the weather forecasters are right or wrong, whether or not there's heavy snow or just cold temperatures, there's nothing quite like a hot, delicious, comfort food along with a steaming hot cup of cozy!

What are some of these comfort foods which are so popular in Yakima? What hot and soothing beverage do many in our region look forward to? We've kept track over the years and have checked with the experts. Here, is a list TOP 5 COMFORT FOODS AND BEVERAGES as compiled by our favorite foodies which we're sure you're going to love!


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Yep, chili has to be at or near the top of everybody's comfort food or cold weather food list. I have several recipies that I like, some with beans, some without beans, some with chunks of stew meat, some with ground beef. My wife even makes a great tofu chili for those who don't eat meat. Here's a recipe I found on YouTube which I'm going to try.

Tater Tot Casserole 

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Not only am I already a big fan of Tater Tot Casserole, our Golden Retriever is named Tater Tot since that's exactly what he looked like when we welcomed him into our family at seven weeks old. It's an easy dish to make and was on everyone's list in our survey. Here's a fun recipe that I'm going to try.


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I know we already explored chili, but that's not soup and soup isn't chili. Soup came up big on our inquiry and a great variety to boot. Tomato soup when accompanied with a grilled cheese sandwich was a popular choice. I also noticed a nod toward savory soups like this one from the folks I consulted. Kinda warms me up just looking at it!


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There's nothing like a hot meal at breakfast to start your day on a cold morning. Oatmeal has always been one of my favorites. I am one who likes to get creative with the oatmeal and this video has six recipes that are both imaginative and fun.


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Um, yeah, we're in the PNW and coffee is in our blood. Especially during the colder months, a hot cup'o joe is just what the doctor ordered.

Honorable mention on our list: bread pudding, mashed potatoes, beef stew, mulled wine and mac n cheese.

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