Warmer weather in Yakima means yard sales will start popping up again. They're a great way to clean your house and make a few bucks in the process. Here are a few tips to ensure a great yard sale.

  • Advertise

    I promise you'll get more people to your yard sale if you post your sale on local Facebook groups as well as Craigslist -- both are free.

  • Use Signs

    Make sure you post signs pointing people to your Yard Sale. No need to write what you have for sale, let them find you. If you live a couple of blocks off of a busy street, make sure you put signs there, too.

  • Timing

    If you're only able to have a yard sale at 9:00 p.m. on a Wednesday night, you probably won't do so well. Yard Sailers will go out Saturday mornings early, usually Friday and Sunday, too. Most start at 8:00 a.m. You can try to beat the rush by having yours even earlier so they hit you up first.

  • Invite Others to Join You

    Sure, you can have one by yourself but it's best to get a few people involved so there's more stuff to draw a bigger crowd. This way they can watch your stuff while you take needed breaks.

  • Have Change

    Before your yard sale starts, make sure you have plenty of change. Depending on how you price things, have a bunch of ones and maybe a roll of quarters. Many only have time to stop by an ATM before they head out looking for deals so they may try to by something for a couple of bucks with a $20.

  • Price Everything

    Your stuff has value! Instead of hoping others make an offer, put a price on it and allow others ask for a deal on it.

  • Offer / Sell Snacks

    May as well have some welcoming snacks. Water and snacks are always welcome. You could sell them as well, like a bake sale but, if you can, make it free. It may encourage more sales as, since they got that free, they'd feel bad if they took advantage of your kindness without buying something.

  • Have Some Bags Handy

    People may not have bags. Make sure you bring bags so customers can leave with all their stuff safe. If you're selling breakables, make sure you have paper (newspapers,ect.) to help with packing. Boxes work great, too.

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