Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale will over-take the Perry Tech parking lot on May 13 at 8 a.m. It's recommended you line up earlier so you can get to those finds first! While you're attending, here are a few other items you should consider bringing to maximize your experience.

What to Bring:


Cash is king, my friend! There isn't a business that I know of that turns down cash. Although you might find a vendor or two dealing with Square or another form of pay-with-card app, cash really is the way to go. You'll do the vendors proud by bringing an assortment of small bills, too. Breaking a $20 with the first customer of the day buying something that requires $19 in change isn't fun. It helps to bring a few quarters, too, but whenever you can, just buy more to round up to dollars.

Suntan Lotion:
The sun may be shining and, on the hot pavement, the sun would love nothing more than to dig its UV rays deep into your skin.

Water is the source of live. Your body runs on water. Not energy drinks, not coffee (untrue to popular opinion), it runs on water so make sure you bring a bottle if you can, or a refillable container. There will be vendors on site that have water for purchase, too.

Smart Phone — Charged:
Not only do I recommend bringing a phone to call or text friends who might be looking for something to stay in contact (even at the same event on opposite sides) but to look up prices on ebay for great deals on items.

Grocery Bags:
Grocery bags are easy to store and carry in your pocket or purse and, at yard sales, can be easy to fill up. Sure beats trying to balance a stack of books as you walk around.

A Clean Trunk:
Empty your car or truck before you visit as you might be bringing home a new dresser or pool table you didn't know you were buying that day.

Newspapers — or something to use as padding:
Great if you're buying plates, glassware, antiques or anything fragile. The seller might not have what you need to make sure it's safe, so it's on you to protect your purchases.


Put your helpful tips in the comments.

These tips can be used for any yard sale, really. We hope to see you at Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale on May 13 with a big thanks to Goodwill and Northwest Harvest.

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