People really love pizza. What I’ve noticed is that national food writers seem to think Seattle is the only part of the state that could possibly have the best pizza in Washington. That is poppycock, we all know.


First, I’ll show you the top 3 pizzerias national food critics think are the best in Washington, then I’ll show you what real Washingtonians think. There are 33 pizzerias that stand out amongst the rest! By the way, Reddit threads are a great source of info whenever you’re looking for local input on the best restaurants of all types of food in our state.


1 . Serious Pie

5118 14th Ave NW, Ballard (Seattle)

Serious Pie in Ballard WA
Serious Pie Ballard via Google Maps

There are 3 Serious Pie locations in Washington: Ballard, Kirkland, and Downtown Seattle. Reader's Digest says this is the best pizza place in all of Washington and could give pizza parlors on the East Coast a run for their money. This is a Tom Douglas establishment, so there’s really no surprise that one of his restaurants got picked by national journalists. Ready to try some Serious Pie for yourself? Check out Serious Pie’s take-out menu here.

2 . Proletariat Pizza

9622-A 16th Ave SW

Proletariat Pizza in Seattle
Proletariat Pizza via Google Maps

Spam on a pizza doesn’t sound appealing to me, but that’s because I am still traumatized from eating it as a kid. Perhaps as a grown up, I would think it’s mighty tasty, especially on a thin-crust Hawaiian-style pizza from Proletariat Pizza. seems to think this spot is the best in Washington. Their slogan is “Pizza Rat City”, and that rather gives me pause. Do you take Mashed’s word for it? View the Proletariat Pizza menu here and see what jumps out at you to try.

3 . Dino’s Tomato Pie

1524 E Olive Way

Dino's Tomato Pie in Seattle
Dino's Tomato Pie via Google Maps

Dino’s spells their pizza pies with a Z, so they’ve got some spunk and I like that. Their website homepage screams early 200s MySpace page; all that’s missing is a song that plays automatically and their Top 5 best friends list! I even love their listing of the top “Quick Menu” items to order. What about the pizza, though? Before we get to that, I just have to tell you I am over here cackling that you have to be at least 21+ to enter Dino’s Tomato Pie. You mean to tell me there are no screaming kids running around getting on my everybody’s nerves? Sign. Me. Up. Dino’s says they are the “second best pizzeria in Seattle”, but Family Destination Guide says they are have THE best pizza in Washington. It’s not a family-friendly place, so why they bestowed Dino’s with that honor, I’ll never know. Either way, I am dying to go try out Dino’s Tomato Pie the next time I’m in Seattle!

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Forget what Washington outsiders have to say, here's where WE love to eat pizza in WA.



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