My Black History Month Legend of the day is Misty Copeland, the first Black principal Ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre in its history. Can you believe this? It took them 75 whole a** years to get to a Black principal ballerina. They got some real nerve.


Better late than never, I guess.

Anyway, let me tell you about the incredible Misty Copeland! When she first started taking ballet class as a young child, she was so amazing at doing all those pliés, pas de deux, and grand jetés, and whathaveyou, that she was selected to be Swanilda in the big ballet play, Coppélia. I learned all about this because I borrowed her young children's book, Bunheads, at the local library for my daughter, Willow. You can normally find it here in the Juvenile new books section at the Yakima Public Library, but I still have it rented out. I really need to return this book asap so that other kids can read it. (Sorry, Yakima Public Libraries, I know my book is overdue and I owe a bunch of fines on it. I'll bring it back tomorrow, I promise. Pinkie swear!)

Here is Misty reading her book, Bunheads, for PBS Kids:

You've got to request it for your child, it's such an awesome book. And listen, my child says she hates to read, but even SHE read it and said it was a good book!

Just this week, Misty announced to the world that she is writing a new book. (Read the article here.) Her book, Black Ballerinas, is targeted for 10-year-olds and up, and is slated to be released in November 2021.

Now, I didn't know this bit of tea, but Misty is married to Taye Diggs' cousin, Olu Evans. He is FOINE, too! You go, girl! Good looks must run in Taye Diggs whole family tree and every branch on the way down. (My thirsty self wonders if they got any more of them thexy thingle cousins!)

Here is Misty doing the damn thang and performing the heck out of Swan Lake with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra back in 2019. I stan.

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