If you're searching for a job, you've come to the right place. Thinking outside of the box is always helpful and also taking into account where and how you want to work. Would the best scenario be that you worked from home? Send me more jobs and I will update the list all week

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There are some fantastic jobs available to you

Teach English

You could work for a company like VIP Kids, where you stay at home and teach via your computer students from all over the World. The more classes you take on the more you make and you'll receive incentives and even a raise when you hit certain goals, like taught 20 classes and more.

Interpret Spanish

Have you ever thought about working for the court systems or the school system assisting with interpreting for parents of students and more?


There are tons of different spots that are paying for skills and education you might already have

Air BNB Your Home

This an outside-of-the-box idea if you own a guest house or are planning on leaving for vacation. People love coming to this area for wine tours and more. Set up a sanctuary and rent it out for some extra cash.

Drive for Amazon

You can set your own hours and you get paid a decent amount

Grocery Delivery Services

If you've got a vehicle you can set your hours and make some serious cash

HopTown Wood-Fired Pizza

Want to get your “steps for the day in?”
We are hiring anyone 18 or older to be a busser, runner and to make our shaved ice for folks!!
Please send the next HOPTOWNER our way!!! Honk Honk

Viera's Bakery & Deli

Full-time baker, cashier, person to clean up the back, and more. Stop by and ask for Mario.


Congratulations Grandview looks like a McDonald's is headed your way and they are hiring for all positions.

Fred Meyer

Currently searching for a part-time cake decorator. Stop by and see Misty at the Yakima Fred Meyer Bakery Counter

Kyoto Sushi and Steakhouse

They are hiring for multiple positions; Bartender, Hostess, Manager, Sushi Chef/Helper, Habachi Chef. You can swing by and grab an application or send them your resume and they will contact you

Possible Movie Roles

There is a local gig currently hiring that will be shooting in central Oregon this summer. The commitment is June-August 2021 and the ages are 18-25. No play-acting, you will be playing yourself. Searching for misfits, outcasts. Wanting to find a sense of adventure. This could be it!

Protran East

Volunteer driver that will be paid for mileage where you'll provide long distance non-emergent medical transportation to elderly, disabled, and/or low-income clients who have no access to important medical appointments. drivers are reimbursed .58 per mile

The City of Yakima 

Always hiring and important to check-out your city as well, the current listing of jobs is 17 jobs

SOZO Sports Complex

In need of referees for the soccer season

Non-Profit Foreign Exchange Students

Currently searching for people to add to the team, it would be a remote side job working with teens. Your main duty will be finding and qualifying host families in your area.

If you like working with teens, learning about different cultures and want to make a difference then this is the perfect job for you!
If you are intrested please send me an email to johanna.oefversten@cetusa.org

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