Scooter Braun is a mastermind when it comes to making teen girls scream. Case in point: The Wanted may well be collaborating with Justin Bieber!

The British bad boys hinted at working with the Biebs and said plainly that Braun was behind it. "I know that Scooter [Bieber's manager] mentioned we would do a bit of writing with Justin when we do a few dates with him," Nathan Sykes spilled to MTV News. "We are just trying to write as much as possible and get the right feel of the album that everyone is happy with."

That's not all, though. Sykes also revealed that band is going to work with fellow Bieber collaborator Chris Brown! "We are due to go in with Chris Brown and do a bit of work there."

Sykes' bandmate, the adorable, curly-topped Jay McGuiness, gave more details on how the Breezy collabo came about. "We were at the Billboards [Billboard Music Awards], and we were really nervous because we've never done an American awards show at that point," McGuiness said. "We were walking around and Chris Brown came up to us and he was like 'I know you all, we need to get in and do that track for real man, for real.' But I thought it was nice that he remembered and was like, 'We really need to do that.'"

Those aren't the only artists the Wanted has worked with recently. The handsome Brits sang the hook on rapper Dappy's 'Bring It Home.' The track hit the web this weekend and is stuck in our heads already -- when we're not busy humming the falsetto magic that is 'I Found You.'

Watch the Wanted 'I Found You' Video

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