Ariana Grande covers the February issue of Cosmopolitan, out Jan. 7, and the feature reveals the swoon-worthy details of her first date with her (possibly ex) boyfriend Nathan Sykes of the Wanted.

The interview should confuse Nariana shippers that are defending the couple's status, since the rumors that the duo broke up this month have been swirling for the past 10 days with lots of online drama, a strange interview and zero confirmation for either Ariana or Nathan one way or the other.

Grande, who looks sexy and sweet in a belly-baring, strappy black bra top and flirty skirt on her cover, shared the crucial deets of their first date, which will make you melt. Little Nath was a total sweetheart of the bring-him-home-to-mom sort.

"We were going back to his hotel to watch a movie, and he had Ladurée macarons and sunflowers waiting — I love Parisian baked goods, and sunflowers are my favorite flower," Grande shared. OMG! Adorbs!

But wait, there's more.

Sykes was such a gentleman that Grande confessed, "He had taken the DVD player out of the bedroom and into the living room, because he said he didn’t want to take me into the bedroom on the first date."

We can't even...we're totally melting over here.

Now, this interview obviously happened while Nariana were still definitely "on" but it's worth nothing that either of their PR reps could have politely requested that the mag not release those specific quotes early to help promote the cover if the couple had split.

Even if such a request was handed down, the mag can share whatever quotes it pleases in advance of the issue hitting the newsstand.

Also, this weekend, Sykes unfollowed Grande in the social media space, then tweeted (and deleted) that he had been hacked. Grande also responded to that incident, saying that there was no drama and that a hacking block caused him to unfollow her.

She posted: "I think I was blocked by some hacker on his account but nothing drama worthy. Focused on family, work and you guys. Love U."

Despite fans begging for some sort of update, neither Grande nor Sykes provided one. Notice Ari speaks of work, family and fans, not her BF. That's a little worrisome and it's causing Nariana shippers to lose their minds and fill in gaps to try and come up with an answer, since they don't have the full complement of information.

We think that either they are nursing broken hearts or choosing to remain intensely private about their relationship (and its status) right now.

Grande's quotes in Cosmo attest to the latter. She has deal with her fair share of tweet heat and does not even bother to block haters and keyboard ninjas.

"Oh, they’re evil as hell," she said. "I don’t even block them anymore, because I feel like it’s giving them negativity in return. So I just let it happen and forgive them and move on. Those people are fighting their own battles."

Amen, sister!

The 'Honeymoon Avenue' singer called her herself a "boring, normal girl," saying she likes "Harry Potter and to sit in [my] pajamas and sing." She doesn't make out with girls every minute that a camera fixates on her a la Miley Cyrus.

“A lot of my friends are partiers, but I’ve never really clicked with that,” Grande also said. “I like Barbra Streisand, and when was the last time you saw Babs getting, like, turnt up? That’s kind of the road that I, as a lady, would like to go down."

She's so cute, right? No wonder Little Nath fell head over heels.

Take that Miley, who recently criticized Grande's adorbs sweetness and her wholesome image and style.

"People often mistake my kindness for weakness, and they didn’t expect much from me, because at the end of the day, I’m just a nice Italian girl from Boca," Grande declared.

A nice Italian girl with a gentlemanly British chap!

Again, there's still no confirm as to whether Nariana split or not. They've refused to comment. So until we hear it from them, we'll hope the pair is happy, romantic and cute! How could we not! That first date… our hearts are swollen with OMG-ness!

PopCrush continues to monitor the Nariana sitch.

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