Those handsome blokes in the Wanted suited up to cover this Sunday's (Nov. 4) issue of Fabulous, the mag that comes free inside The Sun. Be still our beating hearts. They are quite a good looking bunch of lads when dressed down in jeans and tees. But when they don dark suits like sharp-dressed men? It's almost too much for us to handle. Hawt!

There's even more good news. The mag will issue not one but two collectible covers featuring the 'Glad You Came' hitmakers. That's good news for the ladies who like to gawk at Max George, Tom Parker and the rest of the boys in the band. The bad news is that it's a British publication, so unless you've got the overseas hook up or visit newsstands that carry foreign rags, you might be relegated to coughing up lootcakes and purchasing a copy (or copies if you desire both editions) on eBay.

But for now, gawk, drool, swoon, melt and allow your knees to buckle by continuously looking at The Wanted in suits.

Tell us, PopCrushers, which member of the Wanted looks the sexiest, or most Fabulous, in a suit? Is it Jay McGuiness? Is it Siva Kaneswaran? What about Nathan Sykes? Or the aforementioned Max and Tom? We can't decide. It's too much handsomeness for us to handle and if we were forced to choose or be subjected to some sort of horrific torture, we dunno which member we'd cave for.

We also love the styling of the photo below, with the bright, Warholian pops of color and Rat Pack posturing.

The Wanted Fabulous Cover

Watch the Wanted 'Glad You Came' Video

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