In this hilarious Wanted Wednesday behind-the-scenes video, band member Max George ‘apes’ for the camera. Literally. He offers up his best impression of a gorilla, introduced by his groupmate Siva Kaneswaran.

The close-cropped cutie mugs for the camera, adopting a knuckle-dragging, crouched and barely bipedal primate stance, hopping on the couch a la Tom Cruise on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ He has bugged out eyes and pounds his chest, too.

George must watch a lot of the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic Channel, or he must frequent zoos on the road — he makes a pretty believable gorilla.

The video also showcases the band performing ‘Chasing the Sun’ and hanging out backstage at ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ as well as sped-up footage of the band practicing choreography.

These fun, keyhole view vids will make all the Wanted’s fan “want’ to hang out with them even more.

What did you think about Max George’s ape impression, PopCrush readers? Did you have a giggle at his antics and expressions like we did?

Watch the Wanted’s Max George ‘Ape’ for the Camera

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