*update* Wednesday, June 12th, 2019. We got so busy last week we weren't able to fully give this topic the time it deserves so we are picking back up this week with it! :)

Just received my message from Melissa Henyan, our resident psychic medium and here is what she would like to speak on tomorrow, Wednesday, June 4th, 2019.

I'm bouncing some ideas around for tomorrow and one of them is discussing numerology. As with most things, I dabble with it but do not consider myself a master. However, I have enough knowledge to understand how helpful it can be. I also truly believe that every parent should "run the numbers" for their children. It can serve as a set of instructions and I believe every parent out there has wished their child came with instructions. Well, if you look in the right place, they do. 😊 I can share some insight and some tips and info on how to find the information. ❤

Um, OK! That sounds incredible and I am totally onboard.

Maybe we have everyone have a pen and paper ready. ❤ OH, we can also explain to people how this might explain their incarnation...why they are here and what they chose to learn

Well, she never ceases to amaze me and always brings something fun and unique in the building so like Melissa said, let's get our pen and paper ready to take some notes and figure out our numbers :)

We will be live on-air beginning at 4 pm pst and then flip to a live Facebook event at 4:30 pm. You can call us at 509-972-1073, you can message the app and you can comment in the event page area. If you have not friended our 107.3 KFFM page I recommend it. You will receive a notification once we begin.

* This is for entertainment purposes so please understand not everyone that tunes in will get a reading, we do try our best. It's always a great idea to ask your question when you post your comment and then I will try and tag you when we answer so you know it's for you :)

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