It's national Better Breakfast month, and we're celebrating in the Yakima Valley because we know how to do breakfast. There are plenty of great restaurants in the Yakima Valley but there are only a handful of breakfast places. The hardest part about this list is we've tried all of these places and more so it wasn't easy to narrow it down.

We'll go over our top three and show off what our favorite thing on the menu is, then you can weigh in and let us know what your favorite is. If you think another place deserves to be on the list make sure to send us a message so we can update it before the next better breakfast month!

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3.) Cafe 11th Ave

What seems to be a little coffee shop on 11th avenue is so much more, they make some of the most delicious breakfast you can find in the Yakima Valley, we got a chance to stop in and grab a bite to eat, and the staff is extremely friendly and willing to help you discover your new favorite breakfast dish. When we went we chowed down on the Crispy Chicken and Belgian Waffles and could not get enough. The chicken is juicy and crispy while the waffles are light and fluffy leaving you with a full belly on the drive home.

2.) Ballstarie's Coffee House

A home away from home for us, located at 4001 Summitview Ave #3, this is our go-to spot since it's across the street from the station. The food is all homestyle cooked will love and precision. The go-to meal here is the Eggs Bennidect with homestyle potatoes that come out golden brown fried in a skillet that gives you a crispy bite, not to mention that hollandaise sauce from the eggs benedict is a perfect sauce for the potatoes too!

1.) Main Stop on the Ave 

Main Stop on the Ave has been ranted and raved about by all Yakima locals, after stopping in and grabbing a bite to eat, we see why. Every dish is served to perfection, so much so that there is no go-to dish, we've tried the crepes, eggs benedict, and waffles, and the menu is amazing. This is the first time we actually suggest you try something new every time you go in because they can do no wrong.

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