Oh, the sweet bubbly fizz is so satisfying. On a hot day after some fun in the sun, there's nothing like a swig of the good stuff! Everyone and their mother will tell you why you shouldn't drink soda/pop at all or if you do, just drink the regular because diet soda is even worse for you. :(

I am not here to go in on a soda, because it's delicious and perfect with some popcorn at the movies. What I am here to do is show you how adding and subtracting soda from your diet can play games with your weight.

One can of Pepsi is 150 calories, full of syrupy carbs that make your belly bloat but also give you a tickle in your throat while drinking that is oh-so-satisfying. Telling your body we're having a party so you continue! Now I don't know if you've noticed, once you have one, grabbing another and then another after that can become pretty easy.

One time I bought the mini cans thinking this might be a better solution to cutting down the intake. Nope, I just polished off three instead of one can, essentially drinking more than I probably would have if I had just gotten the regular! HAHA!

Have you also noticed yourself getting a little cranky? I certainly have. So I switched to sugar-free drinks like Cascade Ice (my go-to is grapefruit). It's delicious and satisfying without the sugar, but now I am hearing that what's in a sugar-free drink is even worse, causing even more bloat. So I suppose just drinking water is the way to go, but now that my taste buds know about other options, I just can't go plain all the time!

So the tale from the scale in the past two weeks shows a drastic difference in weight and the only real difference was the amount of soda I drank! Last week I was drinking Pepsi and this week I made an effort to really cut back.

Check it out!

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J
june 25th weigh in
what 180 on my looks like

Loving yourself at any size is for sure turning into my motto, but I also know that it's a constant struggle to keep your head up and out of the sweets! :) More on that next week! ;)

For now, take care of yourself. Love yourself. Know that you are not alone and if you're searching for support Get It Right! Get It Tight! is waiting for you!





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