Not too long ago we went over a list of the five worst places you could live in Washington, now we're gonna go over the five best places around the Evergreen State. Some of these places are gonna be pretty spendy, but if you look around you may just find your dream home.

We'll also look around some of the cheaper places in Washington State and tell you why it could be the perfect place to move to, whether you're starting a family or looking for a new career.

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5.) Enumclaw

Enumclaw is considered to be a small town and one filled with hard-working blue-collared people. It's quickly growing with the tech boom in Seattle and people looking for places to live that don't have that big city vibe. The best part about Enumclaw is the community, whether you're moving there from somewhere else or you were born and raised the sense of community is beyond alive and well and everyone is welcomed with open arms.

4.) Ellensburg

Once again, if you're tired of big city living this may just be the place for you to settle down. If you're looking to start a family or just grow as a person Ellensburg offers affordable homes and plenty of job opportunities, whether you're commuting or finding something inside Ellensburg.

3.) Bremerton

If you're working in Seattle or that area and you don't mind a scenic route or taking a ferry, Bremerton is a gorgeous place to live in a city that's still growing. Not only is it absolutely beautiful with amazing waterfront homes but everywhere you look in Bremerton is worth a postcard. The beautiful scenery is enough to sell you but the welcoming community is another big reason why it's worth moving there.

2.)  Issaquah

Not only is it a beautiful town to live in but one that Washingtonians travel to for their famous trails and hiking areas. It's also a smaller suburb of Seattle that offers beautiful homes, an amazing community, and the perfect spot to commute from if you're working in Seattle.

1.) Yakima

I'll get some hate for this one both from locals and from outsiders, Yakima is continuing to grow into a beautiful city. Before I moved here I heard nothing but horror stories but once living here I realized they were all just that, stories. Yakima is a welcoming community and one that strives to keep its small-town beauty while also opening up to new businesses. As this small town grows many from the outside are learning why they call this the Palm Springs of Washington. With it being the hop capital of Washington many local businesses find growth and new life after moving into the Yakima Valley. Within the next few years, I suspect more and more people will see the beauty that is Yakima.

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