Man, I love food! I love food so much that for MANY, MANY years I was consistently gaining weight because...I couldn't put the food down! Didn't matter if I was full or if it wasn't my favorite dish I would eat it and then wonder why I kept gaining. For the, "skinny" folks, you already know it's about the calorie count that goes in your body and the amount you burn off daily that determine what's really going on with your weight.

You can argue all day about micros and macros, proteins, carbs and fats but after losing 50 pounds over the course of the past six months I know that it is simple. The sweet spot when it comes to losing weight for me (5'9 181) is 1,200 a day I will lose about one to two pounds a week. If I add in at the very least 10,000 steps a day that's about three pounds a week. I can eat whatever I want AS LONG as my calorie count stays at about 1,200. When I finally reach my goal weight I can pop my calorie count up to 1,600 STILL get my 10,000 steps a day in and I should be good to go! Calories, calories, calories!

This is me Sarah J at my brother's wedding back in 2012, carrying at least 50 pounds too much!

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This is me Sarah J and my co-worker Jesse April 2018 about 10 pounds away from my goal weight

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So when I saw that Obamacare's calorie count rules go into effect today (for stores with at least 20 locations being required to post their calorie count) I got really excited! There are SO many calories you don't take into account i.e salad dressing (helpful tip drizzle a bit over your salad or better yet, dip your lettuce in your dressing on the side to help cut the amount of dressing that you use) Getting into the habit of knowing your count, being honest with what you are putting in your body and making the effort to push yourself through the tough times will have you functioning at a higher level in all things.

The struggle to eat healthy can be draining, so it's majorly important to have a support system. That's why I created the private group #getitrightgetittight this is a FREE group of food-loving people who are just trying to get down to the road and have a safe space to vent about food or share success stories! Knowing you have others who are trying to get healthier at the same time works for everyone so if you KNOW you want to get it right get it tight join us! :)

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