Growing up through the 90s created fond memories of Saturday Morning Cartoons. These cartoons helped shape a generation into creative and energetic adulthood. They were escapes for some or a fun obsession that helped us grow as people.

Some Cartoons have become iconic with television and streaming, people become obsessed with these shows and collect everything they can get their hands on. Most of these shows take place in fictional worlds, countries, or cities. But did you know a good amount of these show actually take place in our home state of Washington?

Check out the list below and see if your favorite cartoon from when you were a kid made the list!

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4.) The Replacements

This show was a Disney Cartoon that ran for about 4 years and garnered a lot of fans. It was based on two orphans who were adopted by super spies known as the replacements. Often times the parents and kids would go on missions together becoming the replacements for someone else while being on a top-secret mission. Little did people know the city they lived in was Seattle and was based in Washington.

3.) Ozzy & Drix

Not only was this a long-running cartoon but it was also based on the movie that featured Bill Murray as well. It followed a white blood cell that was fighting evil and crime inside the human body, saving it from diseases or illness. Drix was his partner helping him fight crime but was an off-brand Tylenol capsule. Funny enough it took place in Washington state.

2.) Hey Arnold! 

Hey, Arnold was one of the most influential shows of the 90s, everyone who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s can tell you just how popular this show was. It featured a kid with a football-shaped head who lived with his grandparents in a boarding house. Arnold found himself in plenty of adventures around the city, with friends, family, and even some of his housemates. Little did we realize that it took place in an early version of Seattle. In one episode they go to free a sea turtle at a zoo that looks exactly like the old Seattle Aquarium

1.) Rick and Morty

The most dangerous Duo in the Multiverse, Rick, and Morty follows a grandfather (Rick) and his grandson (Morty) as they travel across space and the multiverse doing whatever they want in the name of adventure and science. The show is made for adults but quickly became the biggest show on Adult Swim. For years people guessed where they were from and where the show took place. After years of speculation, the creators came out and said that they were based in a Washington State suburb. If you keep a close eye out in the episodes you can notice small but very accurate Washingtonian sites and styles.

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