Woke up this morning and the air felt a touch different. In the Yakima Valley, we are blessed to enjoy four distinct seasons so if you didn't feel the air shift, cheers because summer is pretty much out the door.

Technically fall takes place two weeks from now. Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 so I say we grab the last bits of summer we can and hold them tight!

Over the Labor Day Weekend, I enjoyed my last giant cups of seven and seven. It was supposed to be a weekend treat I enjoyed when catching up with my girlfriends on video chat and then it turned into a nice after work relax, after that, I started noticing my taste buds craving the lime and bubbles around noon so I knew it was time to curb it! But not before I knocked out a delicious meal to wash it down with!

I am in love with grilled salmon, the trick is to make sure you pat that sucker dry so your oil and spices will create a glorious crust. I know that tzatziki goes with fish and so I figured a salmon tzatziki sandwich was in order and it did not disappoint.

I still feel like I am missing something so if you know what it is, help a lady out!

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At some point, the plan is to start baking my own bread but until then I grabbed a loaf of french bread and drizzled olive oil over it to toast up in the oven. I added my tzatziki, salmon, purple onion, and some grilled grape tomatoes. Maybe I needed lettuce because I know the bite could be better but for a first try, it was fresh and delicious. Shocking how tzatziki can be so packed with flavor for so few ingredients.

Spend the time to make a meal with your partner or family soon, your belly, and your wellbeing with thank you for it!

Drinking and Tzatziki

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