It was about 1:30 am in the morning possibly 3 am-ish when I was woken up by my cat Winifred. Sometimes she runs all night outside but we'd been enjoying cuddles up until I fell asleep earlier, so I knew what was up.

She was ready to go outside and has a pretty normal routine of either jumping on me, scratching the side of the bed or if that doesn't work, swinging her tail against the window blinds above my head. It's effective and honestly, I'll take that wake-up over her other go-to, flinging her body against the closet doors until someone starts moving.

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I woke up first, so cat duty landed on me. She attempted to go into the second bedroom to play hide-n-go seek but I said, "no" real quick. The plan was to go back to sleep after this and she gets me so she then headed to the kitchen. Normally it's right out the door but this morning she was ready for some Sheba. She's a pate fiend and I LOVE the convenience of the small portions instead of a can that you have to figure out how to cover and use later. I hate waste.

As I ripped the plastic cover off of her salmon pate I felt a searing pain and realized I'd sliced open my right thumb. Like a giant paper cut, it burned like crazy and was bleeding pretty good too. Unfazed Winnie finished her early morning breakfast, I let her out and went back to bed.

I dreamed I had turned into a mermaid based on the juice of the salmon pate entering my system through the cut! I don't know about you but I have ALWAYS been into mermaids, The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite childhood films, and being underwater has always been so peaceful to me.

When I woke up I told my husband all about it but as the day has progressed the dream is fading more and more. What felt so real this morning, feels like it might not have ever happened. Do you ever look up what your dreams mean?

Apparently turning into a mermaid could mean many things.

According to MyDreamSymbolizm

Dreaming About Transforming into a Mermaid

If you transformed into a mermaid in your dream, such a dream might signify your desire to be attractive and sexually desirable.

Dreaming about a dancing mermaid. If you dreamed about a dancing mermaid, such a dream is a good sign, indicating joy and happiness in the near future.

This dream might also indicate receiving some good news soon.

Ok! I'm feeling myself and working on new passions, not getting caught up with social media and allowing it to spiral me into a bad mood. Things are looking up and I hope they are looking up for you. Just felt the need to share the fact that I was convinced this morning that the salmon Sheba Pate turned me into a mermaid!

Winifred Luna Johnson

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