This Saturday 107.3 KFFM and Sarah J are teaming up with Coastal Farm and Ranch for their summer life jacket giveaway for the kids!

Infant life jackets, toddler life jackets, and children up to the age of twelve will be eligible from 11 am - 1 pm or until supplies run out at State Fair Park Saturday, July 11th, 2020 in the main parking lot.

“Water safety is top of mind for all of us here at Coastal,” said Lori McKinnon, Coastal President. “This year, we are giving away over 5,000 life jackets to kids company-wide, in hopes that we can help make a difference in the communities we serve, when it comes to families coming home safe after a day of playing in the water."

It takes a split second to take your eyes off the water and disaster strikes so regardless of the life jacket being worn below are some tips and tricks to help keep you safe.

  1. Always have an adult assign to watching the water while the kids are swimming. Just like lifeguards, your mind might start to get wander so every 15 minutes you should switch off with another adult.
  2. Stay off your phone while being the designated watcher. I saw a Mom in the parking lot of the Fred Meyers looking at her phone while her kids attempted to maneuver their cart into the road. Nice.
  3. Young kids and weak swimmers should have an adult swimmer within arm's reach to provide "touch supervision."
  4. Make sure you are checking each life jacket for weight and age so they are wearing the proper size
  5. Check buckles and straps and make sure they are tight enough that your little one won't slip right out of it
  6. No matter what kind of water you are playing in always be mindful and careful
  7. Have loads of fun

I've also got some special Taylor Swift swag but will only have a limited amount of pieces so if you are going to be rolling through just yell, "Sarah J I want the hook-up and I got you!"

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