This weekend was wild. I made a mental commitment to myself last week to live in the moment. Instead of trying to take on multiple projects constantly, I focused on the specific task at hand. I was in the moment and paid attention to when I started to drift. I would walk away, clear my head, and then get back to making a plan.

For some reason, I have ALWAYS enjoyed/tolerated irritation at my desire to go 150% all day every day until I burn out. Cry, take a few days to recoup and then do it again.

Since the pandemic has hit, it's forced me to slow down in all areas of my life and I am sure I am not alone.

This weekend was exciting, we teamed up with Coastal Farm and Ranch to hand out life jackets for the kids. It was so nice to get to be outside, interacting with listeners. The day was gorgeous and then that evening we had a spectacular show with a double rainbow that could be seen all across the valley!

Sunday was even more exciting when I realized my entire day was packed with social distancing friend catch-ups! I spoke to one of my oldest friends that lives on the other side of the country for hours, then I went to enjoy Public House of Yakima, my first outdoor dining experience since joining phase 1.5 and it was AWESOME! When I got home, I got to sit in my backyard and video chat with my roommates from college.

There are moments where I don't feel like I have any friends, I know that's not true but it's honest, so to have an entire day filled with some of my favorites was heaven.

I hope that you are getting the chance to connect to those you love, connecting with yourself and truly taking this time as a blessing. It's wild out there but if you can slow down for just a minute, you might just get to witness a double rainbow!

Weekend Wrap-Up


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