Seems like everyday is has some sort of celebration attached to it and this entire week is no different. It's International Games week so in honor of this fun time the libraries from around the Valley have decided to break out the board games, did you know they have them year round?

Here's the list Tristan from the Yakima Herald provided of when and where you can pay your respects to games this week

International Games Week:

Granger Community Library

Tuesday, November 6


Buena Community Library

Wednesday, November 7


Selah Community Library

Thursday, November 8


West Valley Community Library

Thursday, November 8th


Toppenish Community Library

Friday, November 9


Sunnyside Community Library

Saturday, November 10


Yakima Central Library

Saturday, November 10


Click HERE for the full details

My favorite games from back in the day that you can play right now were Oregon Trail, Tetris, Mavis Beacon Typing Tests (these are SO fun and it really does improve your typing skills) You Don't Know Jack and as far a board games go....

Operation...never owned it but MAN I freaked out anytime I was at someone else's  house that did! :) Still love me some Uno as well :)

What's your favorite board game?

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