Take a good long look at this lady. If you recognize her, the Yakima Police Department would really appreciate your help. She has decided that working for a living just isn't her jam so she would rather steal other people's hard-earned money.

The case numbers she is currently connected to are

19Y041874 & 19Y041879

I don't want to jump to conclusions but I have a feeling this isn't her first time doing this. Check your cards, your bank statements and stay vigilant. As the weather gets colder and the holidays draw near the bums are out in full force.

See how this bum doesn't even look like a bum? But she is. Find this bum and bring her bum and all the others to justice.

Then, help get her the treatment she needs. This is the missing step in all of this. She's young and full of potential and I know for a fact that she is smart. This is what addiction looks like. It's devastating and anyone not turning her in is enabling her to continue down this destructive path.

You're not doing anybody any favors by staying quiet.




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