I spoke about eggplant shakshuka the other day and how obsessed I have become with it. Still haven't found my scale but real talk, I think I might be losing weight due to the food changes so I made another batch with the gorgeous beefsteak tomatoes that came with this weeks Pacific Northwest Fresh Box. Remember you can donate to a family in need or sign-up to be that family in need.

This Shakshuka came out even better and I realized it might of had to do with the fresh tomatoes instead of canned. They provided a lot more juice and oh boy sopping those flavors up with some toasted and buttered bread was so bomb. I even managed to cook my eggs almost to boiled but with that soft buttery yolk still intact. Practice makes perfect and this meal isn't very expensive plus you could serve the entire family or have enough for three or four days of left-overs if it's just you!

Each week I unbox and share some ideas on what I have been doing with the veggies that come straight from the Yakima Valley fields with the help of my new kitten Winnie who was SUPER excited to find mustard greens in the box.

Eggplant Shashuka and Unboxing

I know that Greek food is very good for you, so I was really excited to discover a recipe for Cucumber-Dill Tzatziki. This sauce is perfect for most grilled meats and fishes, it's used as a dip for fresh veggies, you could spread it on your sandwich or dollop it on your Greek Quinoa Bowls but probably the most popular place you will find it is on gyros or Greek french fries loaded with seasonings and feta cheese.

A while back I had joined a work-out group and was paying a good amount, that at this point I can't financially support anymore so I am back to @GetItRightGetItTight! mode with meal planning and calorie tracking.

The best place to start if you are searching for guidance in eating better but also being a food lover at the same time would be picking a handful of meals you love and then working to use all the veggies and ingredients you can before they run out.

In honor of Labor Day Weekend and the extra time we have on our hands I will provide you with some of my favorite go to's and you can feel free to share some of yours with me!

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1) Black Bean and Turkey Quinoa Bowls. This is like a burrito in a bowl, you could switch the ground turkey for fish, shrimp, chicken or steak but packing it full of veggies helps keep it light and fresh. Add guacamole, tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, corn and lettuce with maybe a dollop of sour cream, or maybe not but for sure don't forget the tapatio topper!

2) Grilled Salmon with veggies. I have been craving this lately and if you don't have an outdoor BBQ, have you ever purchased a grill for your stove top? It's a giant pan that gives you perfect grill marks and I am telling you, you pat that salmon dry add your olive oil and spices. Holy guacamole, the crust on that thing will be divine while the middle stays so juicy. Zucchini or squash work great as a side, I even seared up some Korean cabbage with it and was sad I didn't make more.

3) Protein Shakes. Part of my meal plans is for sure trying to make sure I am getting enough protein and fiber but you might be thinking I hate the taste of shakes. Do you ever add fresh fruit or veggies to them? I have really enjoyed frozen blackberries, ice, milk and peanut butter powder with my latte flavored shakes then switching it up with frozen blueberries for my chocolate one. One shake instead of a meal at times where I am running out the door or it's hotter than hot is the perfect way to cool off and get the boost of energy I need to stay full and energized.

4) Pesto Gnocchi with shrimp and a salad. I just made this up but want to try it. You could switch out regular gnocchi with cauliflower or sweet potatoes, they have frozen bags at the store. You could also turn zucchini into noodles and cook them in a bit of oily pesto, not too much but enough to make you say, "oh yeah"

5) Turkey Spinach Wraps. Have you ever tried garlic herb laughing cow cheese? It packs a huge punch but each wedge is only 35 calories. If you love a wrap this one is so flipping good. Grab yourself spinach tortillas, spinach, deli turkey, cranberries, walnuts, provolone, and spicy brown mustard. Take the wedge of laughing cow and spread over the tortilla, spinach, then turkey, cranberries, sprinkle crushed up walnuts, then the provolone cheese and add mustard. Roll that sucker up and get ready for the most satisfy crunchy fresh bite a food lover could ask for. You could add in thinly slices green bell pepper as well to give it that extra punch.

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