I have always loved enjoying cooking but when attempting to eat healthier I was hitting roadblocks until a co-worker of mine introduced me to her healthy eating coach Elaina Moon.

Years have passed since I started attending her classes and I will tell you, my love for veggies and flavors has really improved since joining her support group and also her VIP subscription.

Since Covid-19 has taken away the ability to have people attend in person Elaine has had to get creative!

Healthy Eats Nutrition classes can now be attended on-line and her next class will be an American Classics showcase including eight different recipes with special guest Chef Jason! You can sign-up now plus she is giving away a class for you and one you get to gift to a friend! You have from now until 5/22/2020 at 7 pm PST to enter and win for her upcoming American Classic class this Saturday

ENTER BELOW by messaging us via the app for your chance to win a class for this Saturday

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Elaina Moon and her food

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