We really should be celebrating this beautiful planet we reside on daily so, in honor of, Earth Day I've put together some ideas on how you can help show a bit more respect for our planet :)


  • 1

    While brushing your teeth

    Sing Twinkle Twinkle

    How long do I brush for

    I have always heard it's a good idea to turn off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth. It might not seem like a big deal but if you are brushing your teeth the length of time you are supposed to (sing twinkle, twinkle all the way through)

  • 2

    Turn off the lights

    Remember to turn off lights to save energy and money

  • 3

    Find your own water bottle

    Find an awesome water bottle and just fill it up instead of buying plastic bottles. If you are worried about tap water, why don't you go fancy and get yourself a Britta filter for your faucet or pour it into a pitcher and keep that fresh delicious H20 in the fridge waiting for you :)

  • 4

    Pick up the trash in your area

    For Earth Day and every day let's pick it up when you see it!

  • 5

    Biking instead of driving

    For the love of riding and the environment

  • 6

    Plant a tree this Earth Day

    Trees provide food, oxygen and shelter to our planet

  • 7

    Use less plastic

    Here are 20 different ideas to reduce plastic in your life

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