Everyone is always reminding people to continue to date after marriage but what about when it comes to treating ourselves to some self-care?

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This weekend I tried to really relax. I spent some time with the kitten

binge-watched some tv shows, I putzed in the garden a bit and caught up with some of my girlfriends over video chat. I also spent some time hanging with the hubs and we started to watch Cobra Kai. One of his favorite movies of all time is the Karate Kid and I have to tell you if you enjoy the movies holy crap you're going to love the show.

It bought back a lot of memories, the heart in the characters, and also the writing is totally on point. It was a good reminder that we all are going through personal stuff, you just don't know people's struggles. Some of the side effects of a struggle with no self-love can be lashing out at strangers so I thought instead of focusing on just the married or dating people why don't I remind everyone to take some time to pamper themselves.

What's your favorite candy? When was the last time that you cooked your favorite meal or sat down and read a new book? Maybe it's watching the new Bill and Ted's Face the Music or other movies or show that you've been wanting to check-out. Reminiscing with Karate Kids made me want to have a date night with the honey so tonight we are making one of my favorite dishes, Pepper Belly's.

If books and movies are not your things here are a few more ideas that i snagged from daringtolivefully.com

First, you want to meet these criteria

It has to be fun—do something that feels like play and makes you laugh.
It has to be relaxing.
It has to be interesting—you have to learn something new.
It has to push you outside of your comfort zone.
It has to give you an adrenaline rush.

It could be ordering a packed meal from a local restaurant and heading up into the mountains, booking an overnight at the beach, or hiking to a waterfall. You could go skydiving or race a car around the racetrack. Ever thought of taking flying lessons or fly fishing? If you want to stay in you could join an online cooking or painting class or join in on the online gaming community.

Skies the limit when it comes to different options but making sure to set aside time to get to know yourself every month could improve your mood in so many ways, not only helping yourself but all the relationships around you!

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