Day one and everyone's all new year, new me until the first temptation arrives and we yell squirrel and leap into a pile of (insert weakness) Mine is of mine


So instead of packing it up and marinating in the same behaviors as 2018, I invite you to start off on the right foot in 2019 and join Get It Right! Get It Tight! A FREE and private support group, with a liscensened nutritionist (Michelle Winicki) and a recovering food addict (Sarah J) rooting each other and everyone else on while trying to live this thing called life. We share, you share all together. Support is key and not much better than something that's free.

We go live and today Michelle will be sharing some goals for 2019. Did you know she walked at least 10,000 steps everyday last year? Slow hand clap I was lucky to hit 6,000 a day, then my fitbit broke! Sounds like a ton of steps BUT have you ever tracked your steps? The benefits FAR exceed the excuses. You don't need a gym or even a money. Just time and the desire to say, I'm done with this ****! Bring on the energy, good moods and self love.

Man, Woman, child and more are welcome :)

Don't be shy, stop on by.


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