I have to say I have always been a little skeptical about psychics -- I mean you've seen the movie "Ghost," right?

But my friend Melissa is SO much more than a psychic. Her full title is Psychic Medium, Animal Intuitive and she is GOOD! The amount of people I have personally witnessed receiving a bit of information on something there is NO way she could have known is incredible. And even when she is talking to people and they are like, "No that doesn't ring any bells," they come back later and say things like, "I was speaking to so and so and they reminded me of such and such and now I realize why you said what you said."

So today I have brought her in to assist with answering questions that have been on your mind. You can stream at kffm.com, download our free app at the Google Play store or the Apple iTunes store for free. Call in if you like at (509) 972-1073 or even find and like our 107.3 KFFM Facebook page as she and i will be going live on there as well :) We are going to begin about 4:15-4:30 p.m ,:)

Very excited and halfway through the work week feels right, you down?

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