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Psychic Medium, Animal Intuitive Melissa Henyan is ready for you!
Melissa Henyan, our resident psychic medium for FREE readings! Take advantage of your five minute, private reading by calling-in starting at 4pm pst 509-972-1073. The phone call will not be played on-air. We also go live on our facebook page 107.3 KFFM and we would love for you to join us.
Melissa Henyan Our Resident Psychic Is Back At 4pm PST
We start off taking phone calls on the air at 4pm PST our number is 509-972-1073. If you are not able to tune-in with the radio at 107.3 KFFM you can also stream at or even download our free app at the google play or apple i-tunes store!
Psychic Medium Melissa Henyan Is Back In Studio Today!
We will start taking phone calls at 4pm pst. You can download our free app at the google play or apple i-tunes store, stream from and even call in with your questions at 509-972-1073. Follow us on social media and reach out that way if you prefer!
Are You Ready To Have Your Questions Answered?
You can ask anything that has been on your mind and if she picks something up she will for sure let you know. Happy way to get through your week is having some nagging questions answered right? So...what do you want to know?
Ever Been to a Psychic Reading Before?
Call in if you like at 509-972-1073 or even find and like our 107.3 KFFM facebook page as she and i will be going live on there as well :) We are going to begin about 4:15pm-4:30m :)