What's your morning routine look like?

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With the heat, the smoke across the Valley, and day-to-day distractions, carving out some me-time can become the LAST thing we focus on but I HIGHLY recommend you come up with SOMETHING that you LOVE and do it, every morning. Mine is watering my plants.

It's a time for me to reset and check out how the garden grows. I notice new things from different plants all the time and though this will be going away as the weather turns chilly I am savoring every moment these days. Especially now that my cat Winnie has gotten involved in the routine.

She gets fed as soon as I'm up and then she's out the door, chasing me, wrestling the grass, hiding in the bushes, and watching from her favorite hidden spots. When we planted the hydrangeas in the back yard she went right up and was rolling around like they'd been planted specifically for her.

Probably the coolest thing in the garden this year is my dill pumpkin. First time growing it and it is getting huge! Like every few days, I see a difference and the slightest change in color. So far, up in the top right corner is my big baby and then at the bottom of the plant, there are three more baby pumpkins that have popped up. At the very least 16 gallons of water on top of what the hubs do with the sprinklers and we could have a record-breaker on our hands.

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Solar lights! There are so many different ones out there and you can even figure out how to make DIY ones. Yesterday I received a pack of six mason jar solar lights, charged them in the afternoon, and by evening they were putting off such a nice soft glow, my garden felt like magic.

Take care of yourself and splurge when you know it's something that you really want. Your home should be a safe gorgeous place to be and if you'd love to share you can always join our Facebook group via 107.3 KFFM's How Does Your Garden Grow? I truly would LOVE to know!

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