It's Earth Day jellybean and I've just come in from my front garden to let you know what idea my mind wandered to while I was digging up roots. It's a win-win so I'd love to try it out with you all.

A Community Plant Share Group

I know there are a few on social media and we all can connect but I can't tell you how happy I have been when listeners reach out with plant offerings. Currently, I'm working on planting red seedless grapes from Rey and about to pick up some raspberry starts from Amy. Both new adventures for me and I can offer up stuff as well! I am still so new and for the first time have a yard, the burning desire to be in the garden growing, and with the weather turning into the growing appropriate season, it's prep and beyond time! I'm sure we're all going to end up with extra of this or that. So let's do this together.

Join How Does Your Garden Grow

I'll create a group on Facebook and Instagram (stay tuned) for all our active growers and enthusiasts. You can share tips or timelines for starting certain things. If you have a hobby of creating flower beds or a how-to or best spot to grab this or that drop it on the feed. We're not selling items in this group it is purely to connect all the green thumbs and help each other not waste in honor of Earth Day and all things sustainable and fun. Still wanting to compost but scared for some reason to dive in, you can help, right? You can ISO (In Search Of) on there or let people know that on a first come first serve basis you have too much of this or want to give away that.

Currently What I Have Too Much Of

  • Mint
  • Oregano

Meet in the Parking Lot

We have a nice big parking lot that you could pull up and exchange plants in, located at 4010 Summitivew Ave, no funny business or I'll sick my boss on you ;)

I'm so excited about this. If you are as well, message the app with what you're up to gardening-wise, bonus if you send photos and you get first dibs on the fresh link to our new group!

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Remember to drink your water and take breaks, even when gardening. Wear your sunscreen and keep it real. :)

Love Sarah J

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