Oh my! Well, we knew this whole super blood werewolf moon (Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse) could cause a little extra tension. Maybe if this young man had been dared at ANY other time, he wouldn't have accepted. But that's not the case and thankfully here we are!

So we've got 20-year-old Angel over here from Kennewick having a good time at the Round Table Pizza in Pasco, when apparently, his friends decide to bet him that he wouldn't be able to stay overnight IN the Round Table Pizza. A little bit before closing he asked to use the bathroom and climbed up into the ceiling, apparently breaking some tiles. When an employee noticed the damage a little later, he tried to escape, even punching two of the employees. But he was no match for the pie tossers and they were able to keep him there until authorities arrived.

It's all fun and games until, well, I suppose you start breaking the law!

I took the liberty of asking some of my co-workers what they were dared to do AND accepted. So here it goes;

  • people don't dare me for some reason...why might that be? - Dave
  • Write two blogs a day. Just kidding ;) - Reesha
  • 1. Jump off a 30-foot rock into a river. (I'm not much of a swimmer and heights terrify me.)
    2. Drive down a country road at night without headlights.Check and check. (In my defense, both examples are from before I turned 20.) - John
  • Eat a tablespoon of mayo, sauerkraut and cottage cheese - any order, all in row, under one minute, without puking $100
    Typing this I gagged.
    Did NOT take that challenge as I would only do if my kids lives depended on it because I despise all three items so much! - Lisa
  • Eek…. I double dog dared myself to heat up my lunch in the nasty microwave.
    …. And I did.  
    Feeling crazy….. - Lydia
  • Have kids - Gunner
  • I'm a good ol' boy, nobody ever dared me to do anything I didn't want to do and, in turn, most 'dares' were stuff I would already do with our without an audience. - John


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